Sunshine telescope by my side

I saw the silver galaxy coming closer.
But there wasn't anything I could do!
Black & white are the only colors
that I could see through...

Actors and whisky and songs and chimes,
how can we forget the merry times?
Stars in the set and stars in the sky
demented ideas with an unsolicited lie

Sunshine Telescope by my side
I opened my eyes, opened the studio.
Plays and planets are now part of my life
the sun, the moon, the producer's wife.

Here and there an applaud went by
in the empty black dome of my Studio
meteors and dancers are like twins in Siam,
writers are the comets of set; quiet and calm

The music is the soft silence of the night
Sunshine telescope by my side.
Theater is art and gravity is artist,
Director makes the motion while the cosmos write the script!

Stare and glance are a mere camera trick
when leading lady carries the sunshine Telescope
crowd is amazed by the insanity of the antagonist
powerful and humongous; like a black hole

Time was an unknown concept in the play,
people had no reference for imagination.
and the identity of the actor was obscured till the end
When one looks, only the telescope tells truth!

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