Melancholy of an old king and three dukes

Duke I: Sir Williams
King: My mirror tells me I'm old now,
         I don't want this crown anymore.

Duke: You mustn't, your highness!
          Treasure in country of noblemen!

King: As gentle as your words maybe,
         I have already seen the seven seas.

Duke: But present is abundant, unlike
          the ruthless past we once witnessed.

King: No, I don't disregard the victory; son,
         rather I utter for peace at once.

Duke: Oh great baron, ruler of Wexington,
          don't dismiss us from your aegis.

King: Eloquence is a worldly pleasure, my child,
         while sobriety is in question.

Duke II:  Lord Henry
Duke: Your verdict is faith for me,
         honest as your father's tombstone.

King: The annotation is deeply moving and
         only you understand the meaning, sire!

Duke: Your highness is very humble indeed,
          but Sir Williams can't be all false.

King: Your words put me in disarray, as always,
         tongue should be pure, mister!

Duke: Don't presume I intend to mislead.
         After all, I'm humble servant of kingship.

King: Your true motive remains obscure to me,
         irony amuses but can prove critical.

Duke: I merely object the void you shall leave
         and ask for a novel forehead to the crown.

Duke III:  Sir Edmund
King: Oh! I must determine a new king.
          Sir Edmund, wisest in this realm!

Duke: Your humility is your greatness,
          but what can a mere servant imply?

King: One must not value his judgement,
          it has destroyed several men in past.

Duke: I berate the questionable, praise the worthy
          and always avoid the uncertainty!

King: Character and acumen are two opposites,
          and any judgement calls for both of them.

Duke: Your highness has solved the conundrum
          now only the judgement remains!

King: One is character, other is acumen,
          third is indifferent and I'm the poor old King!

DISCLAIMER: It is a work of pure fiction. Any reference is purely coincidental.

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