Why not to jump off the cliff..

Last Sunday I went to an unusual place, two hours away from the fast and overwhelming city of Mumbai to somewhere more serene and peaceful. The place is about 20 km from dusky hills of Khandala and Lonavala, lying carelessly on the eastern side of Western Ghats. Words will always mislead the projection of Lohgard Fort, standing like a corny wig of an old English king with his body swallowed by mother earth. Sounds stupid? Anyways, so it was raining, as it is with all the rich experiences, and gushy winds blowing faster and faster as you follow the stones. I had to spend energy to rush my way against the current made from the poured water, blatantly showing the right direction to go.

I climbed with my jumpy and restless feet to the peak of this rocky rug. Shockingly, the place didn't remind me of anything. I like to nourish my opinions from some memories, maybe good or sometimes bad. But I was appalled by discovering the emptiness of my thoughts. I was embarrassed to find myself unable to claim that picturesque. Just like anybody would react, I too veraciously described the elated version of the sight.

But then the stage was already set for me. Something strange struck me as I helped my view down through the edge of that cliff. I couldn't think of anything other than leaping off the inch with my hands wide open, eyes closed to see my way down, mouth agape to make noiseless cry, brain humming loudly 'The End' and as I was left with a stone thought. Was it actually the end? My eyes saw a light shade of orange, and the mind would imagine that my body was loosing its balance. I opened my eyes, still singing the song, to see white clouds all around me. This was the elated adaptation of my experience.

When a blow of wind pushed me aside, I questioned myself why not to jump off the cliff? The extricated argument was so sober that I couldn't think otherwise. Clueless me, I resigned the thought. I amused my mind by throwing away stones as fast as I could.

On my way back I kept wondering why not to jump off, but still I couldn't!

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