My Machines, My Lab

Oh my, mighty my
I always look for a sigh!
I tried hard to finish you
But you always fire back from sky.

On every Thursday I arise
Said by Vivekananda so wise
I fight my day with tons of work
Waiting for angry Profs to turn up!

Then comes the viva from nowhere
I ain't prepared, they don't care
they ask everything, Ah! silly men
I get zero, two or four out of ten.

Oh! the heavy transformers and load
And the never working meters
For then how could you finish;
my name is always among repeaters.

To my shock it isn't over
the T.A.'s (new kids on the block)
where's the diagram, where are the tables?
4:30, 5:00 and even 6 o'clock.

Circuit diagrams are 'the' most important
even from the real circuits we make
although that also we can't connect
Shit I'm tired, I need a Break!

And then the History repeats itself
back from now and then 
Working for hours in vain
we poor miserable men!