Prof. Talk

Here are a bunch of lines which our dear Professors say all the time but they mean something different!

  • This topic may come in the exam. (This topic is coming in exam)
  • This topic may or may not come in exam. (This topic is not coming in exam)
  • I need two more minutes to finish. (You will miss your lunch)
  • This derivation is also important. (No need to remember it)
  • Please don't talk. (please don't talk, even I can hear)
  • You will study this at later stages. (I don't know what you are asking)
  • The chalk is not good. (I forgot my notes at home)
  • Feel free to ask me your doubts. (Who cares, even you know)
  • I'll take random attendance. (I'll take attendance only on those days when no one shows up)
  • Who knows the answer? (How many of you know the answer)
  • This was already discussed in the class. (Again, I don't know what are you talking about)
  • You should solve this assignment by Monday. (I can accept it by Thursday)
  • We have an Extra class on Sunday. (My wife and children are out of town)
  • I've never seen you in the class. (I've never seen you in the class)

Next time when you go for a lecture, do crack his words.

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