Malana Cream

Crimson eyes under the bright blue skies
I kept on walking and walking;
it wasn't meaningless and painful anymore,
circles drawn in a sequence so pure.

I jumped and bent to ask myself
why is happiness is so rare?
How is that anthill made on a chasm?
And, why is mockery easier than sarcasm?

The bird was flying so high from earth,
I was on a different level altogether!
Peckish and greedy was I who ate the food,
staring at the anthill to which I was glued.

Fire and music created a spark in air,
with such conscience how could I dare,
broken pipes and a fragrance of singularity,
the revolution of a brave mentality.

I go there every once in a while now,
to break the pendulum of necessity,
I'll be candid to confess my doubt,
there are times I don't want to come out.

The Fundamental Problem

The Chinese philosophy of natural dualities is a classic instance of prescribed stupidity and induced intelligence far beyond the ordinary understanding of modern human. We have had conquerors and glorious rulers in past, but even the bravest of those heroes were of no match to PSY’s Gangnam style dance classic that enthralled billions of viewers with its uncanny bottom movements and priceless countenances on YouTube! The defining moment of human evolution wasn’t even remotely the invention of wheel or the circumstantial discovery of fire but implicitly the invasion of dubstep music in our daily lives.
Do you see the fundamental problem yet? If not then let me break it down for you. Modern man has judiciously defined his priorities of pop comfort and hostile internet over insignificant concepts of science and history. “So why dwell on these useless facts in public school textbooks?” Says Will Morgan, five time winner of ‘New Yorkshire Teenage Idol’ for his metal cover of Take Me Out (each time). Convenience is a silent revolutionary attempt to redefine contemporary society. And how much do you deny it demeanour will require certain adjustments as well. “Nobody should be allowed to remain down to earth unless he or she is successful” points out Estelle Barnes of Atlanta, 2nd woman to climb half the height of Mt. Everest, “as it conceals the true identity of a person.”
Certain scientists have publicly criticised this change only to invite thousands of people protesting outside White House. There were even demands for life imprisonment of anyone with an IQ above 1150. Later when they learned about the scale, the number was corrected to 115. But then the demonstrators were distracted by the opening day discounts at a new Sofa n Candy store in the locality and the idea had to be dropped. “They are people too!” said a guy who reported his name to be Gumboots.
But thanks to the Internet community which actively condemns any disparity in opinion with a Nicholas Cage meme, we are almost at the concluding phase of solving this fundamental problem.

A Very Sick Man

Days have passed and it's about time,
the coughs are louder and scarier,
a big casket is kept open for the day
when the decision is to be made
about anything that one believes,
a question of faith is to be recalled,
from the bright days of childhood,
when things would seem more clear
and one was yet to commit; remember
the stance has to be firm and quick.
The left body rests motionless on the white bed
the most enriching experience will come now
when reality would take the lead somehow
denying every belief he once had
and certainly the sanity would revive
the sick man will be free at last!

Sugarcane Smoke of cloud

The grey smoke from heaven arrives
now and then into the blue skies
full of tiny droplets inside its shapeless form
That sugarcane smoke of cloud

A flash of thunder makes it visible
it is not as black as they say
yet it pours the sweetest drink
ever known to our ambitious race

Playground is full of youth once again
happiness seeps into the widest lands,
touch of water vanquishes any pain
and that scent of earth steadies my brain

The sugarcane cloud is appraised from distance
a reflection of our own perception
architect of the savior of humanity
opaque obstacle for sunlight in the day

The Fast Coup - Story of a Modern Barbarian

The General was a brute they say
and folks against him had to pay
Well the chlorine, phosgene and mustard gas,
Some were killed and some were dead

Our story is about an Alawiten chap.
Inherited a misfortune, coparcener of the trap.
But when brother and father died; the parliament lied, 
and then became the youngest ruler
at the age of only thirty four!

Russian hopes were still alive
weapons and order are only things to strive
And how could the west agree to such play
in a battle of fossil on the lands of clay

And then they fought with every conceivable arm
of verbal diplomacy and illusion of panic
for a state hanging on the thinnest wire
there never went a day without a fire
of guns, explosives and other kinds of explosives
everyone spoke but no one bothered

Sliced in between was the plebeian soul
dubious destiny in bottomless hole
they cried, then yelled, then choked with fear
Like father like son, a unique word to hear

Let them say he was a ruler of times
when euphemisms of war were prevalent 
when reasoning was unsound and logic was profane
Counting his last days, the Barbarian of today!

Sunshine Telescope

I saw the silver stream of galaxy coming closer.
But there wasn't anything I could do!
Black and white are the only colors
that I could see through...

Actors and whisky and songs and chimes,
how can we forget the merry times?
Stars in the set and stars in the sky
demented claims and effete try

Sunshine Telescope by my side
I opened my eyes, opened the studio.
Plays and planets are now part of my life
the sun, the moon, the producer's wife.

Here and there the applaud went by
in the empty black dome of my Studio
meteors and dancers are like twins in Siam
Writers are the comets of set; quiet and calm

The music is only the soft silence of night
Sunshine telescope by my side.
Theater is art and gravity is artist,
Director makes the motion while cosmo makes the script!

Stare and glance are a mere camera trick
when leading lady carries the sunshine Telescope
crowd is amazed by the insanity of antagonist
powerful and humongous; like a black hole

Time was an unknown concept in the play,
people had no reference for imagination.
and the identity of actor was obscured till the end
When one looks, only telescope tells the truth!