Online Consultation: Convenience Vs. Compromise?

Online Consultation: Convenience Vs. Compromise?

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So what are the actual advantages of online doctor advice?
An eclinic or online consultation is an OPD where patients can get answers via chat, call or a video call. There are clear advantages of this over the usual process but here's an outline for you to know about something more interesting. 
There are days when even a small symptom such as a headache can trouble you to the extent of not being able to work. And those days when that headache not only troubles you, but also worries you about what it could mean. Self-diagnosis is a very dangerous option for those seeking advice from Dr.Google, and that is why online consultation was invented.

While some may believe that it is a compromise between the quality of doctors you see offline, this belief is based on orthodox opinions. Telemedicine is a branch of medicine that comes to live with just as much interest and popularity among doctors as patients. And in fact, the question of compromise in quality does not arise, since in effect, you see the same doctors offline as well as online, with their credentials open to you. However, the availability of doctors and specialists, at ease is the element that wins this argument in favour of e-medicine.

How to lead a healthier office life?

How to lead a healthier office life?

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As the world has become globalised, there have been a lot of changes in the working environment in the world. Particularly, if we talk about India, the number of physically demanding jobs has decreased to less than 10% to 20% as compared to 1950s, according to a study by researchers at Urban Institute. 
The trend has been to have desk work at most of the offices, particularly in IT sector in India. But these offices don’t come without any hazards. Most of these corporate world jobs require you to sit at your desk most of the time. Also since most of them are time consuming as well, the employees are left with almost no time, energy and motivation to do any physical activity which affects their health in long term. 
For the on-the-go office workers, we have decoded a few ways which would lead to a better and healthier lifestyle: 
Good Posture: Most of the employees complain about having regular back or neck pain and the major reason for the same is sitting in bad posture in the office. If your sitting posture is not correct, there would be unnecessary strain on other body parts. 
When sitting in front of the computer, you should sit straight with your feet on the ground. Ideally, thighs should be horizontal with the knees and in level with the hips. 

10 Best Natural Muscle Relaxer

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Muscle spasm is a sudden involuntary contraction of muscles that can cause a great deal of pain. Spasms are common in the abdomen, arms, hands, and feet. You can also feel them in your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and along the rib cage. This type of cramping can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons and in many areas of your body.
There are many causes for sore muscles, several due to injury through sports, car accidents, and everyday stress. Stress especially causes the muscles in the neck and shoulders to spasm. Muscle spasms are painful and can impact every day normal activity. A muscle spasm can also occur when muscles are tired, over-used or over-extended. The body can be low in specific minerals; magnesium and calcium in particular.
If you have been injured and are experiencing muscle pain or spasms, a muscle relaxer is your best bet to feel better. There are a handful of natural muscle relaxers available to you, which we believe can be extremely effective and without the risk of side effects or addiction. Many prescription synthetic muscle relaxants come with the risk of side effects and the possibility for addiction. Natural is definitely the way to go when it comes to relaxing your muscles.

Ayurvedic Health Benefits

Triphala Churna Health Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage and Preparation

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Triphala churna is mixture of herbs used to treat various health condition from body rejuvenation to curing skin disease. Apart from the health benefits of triphala churna, we have also discussed the side effects of this Ayurvedic supplements.
Triphala is not a standalone kitchen species or herb. Triphala is, in fact, a combination of two Sanskrit words, Tri, which means three, and Phala, which means fruit. This means that ‘tripha’ is not one fruit or herb, but three fruits in one, in their dried and powdered form. Triphala is composed of the following three fruits: 
1. Embilica officinalis, commonly known to Indians as Amla. It is also called Indian gooseberry. 
2. Terminalia bellirica, commonly referred to as Bibhitaki. It is also called Vibhidaka in Sanskrit. 
3. Terminalia chebula, called Haritaki in Sanskrit. It is commonly known as Harad.

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How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Brain?

Well this post by JustDoc cracked me up! Enjoy...
Do you know how beer and coffee affect your brain? The infographics below compare the effect of beer and coffee on your brain: 

My Quora Answer : What are some amusing or interesting things people liked in the '90s that they now miss?

Good.. Good Morning Teacher



Remeber.. this show?

Those were the days!!

Bit cheesy to think.. but yes we ate everything back then
EDIT: As Quora admins are pushing for more proper answers these days, I will try to explain my answer in some words.

90's was a memorable time for myriad children in India who grew in that era. Witnessing the change of millennium was the greatest thrill of my life. Thus, from the countless little things, a few specials are recollected in the answer. Be it the melody from advertisement of Action shoes or some precious classroom games we used to play or television cartoons we'd watch everyday after school hours or brands and companies from that era, they all feed longing to my nostalgic mind. 

Ask any child from the 90's and he will jump up with sudden happiness and enthusiasm while looking upon these recollections. An era marked with unusual developments and strange coincidences, not to be seen in  any other time, neither from past and undoubtedly nor in future. The free economy of India was also growing up with us and the television then was like an older brother. There were no smartphones and tablets, no Facebook and Quora, only one news channel, perhaps a handful of car models on streets and one may say nothing was great about 90s. Yet, It remains the most memorable time for several people. So, how can I explain this mysterious relationship in mere words, dear admins.

I shall witness the great inventions of future, I shall commend the exemplary revolutions in coming times, but I shall never in my life again have my 90's back.